A new  ENTICE ME – FOOD competition has been added to MyPhotoClub to enable everyone to upload their best THREE photos for the ENTICE ME Inter Club Competition.

Please have your Photos uploaded by Noon on Sunday 12 July 2020.

Once the MyPhotoClub completion closes Club members then can score each photo.  The photos with the best score will be entered into the Interclub Competition.

Online Scoring

  • Each person enters a score against each entry (1- 5)
  • Sum of scores determines the most successful entries
  • All members can participate
  • Voting for own image is replace with average from other scorers
  • How to Score Video

The July Competitions have also been added to MyPhotoClub and are:

  • OPEN.   (3 Photos)
  • Flower & Feathers – Friend or Foe.  (3 Photos)

Entries for these competitions close Noon Sunday 19th July 2020